Maltese Falcon

The MARSILI steering system installed on board

Specifically, it is an electro-hydraulic steering system with Full Follow Up electric control, and supplied with double hydraulic cylinder for a total volume of 16998 cc and a total torque of 14278 Kgm.

Two pumping units were supplied, each with electric motor 9.2 kW 400V 50Hz, variable displacement pump 31 L/min, and CETOP 5 control valve group laterally mounted on the 250 litre tank.

The steering system has a rudder support bearing with double row of roller bearings for Ø200 mm rudder stock, with the possibility to support the entire weight of the rudder and is self  ligning with the lower bush keyed to the Rudder trunk.

The equipment is also composed of 2 starter boxes complete with alarm signalling and alarms, and automatic switching to stand-by mode, maneuver switches for on the spot start/stop and transfer to bridge controls.


The S/Y was built by Perini Navi hull 2056 in the YILDIZ shipyard in Tuzla – Istanbul.
The whole system is approved and tested ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).

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