Steel double cylinder series

The MARSILI steel double cylinder actuators are designed mainly for medium/large working boats. The volume of the standard cylinders of this series goes from 1067cc to 9123cc with a torque that goes from 630kgm to 7100kgm. The steel cylinders are strong and are approved by the most important international classification societies. Depending on the request, the cylinders of this series can be supplied in special materials such as NIKROM piston rod and with particular antishock valves-bypass such as the VBPA and VEIS. Some models of this series can be supplied with internal bypass valves which open at the end of the stroke to avoid the contact of the piston with the cylinder head but most of all they are used on steering systems with hydraulic synchronization (when it is not possible to install a tie bar). As a matter of fact, by means of these internal valves it is possible to synchronize the two rudders directly from the main control station, without using other valves, simply manoeuvring the cylinders to the end of the stroke.