New millennium



2005 is time that the experience gained of the construction of the Follow-Up system for large yachts and mega yachts, is put to the service of a practical and versatile product for installation on smaller boats,  especially cheap and reliable. As always, all the collaborators of the Marsili company or better Aldo, have responded with enthusiasm and the product is already on the market in just 2 months.


Full Follow-Up

2006 after a decade, the development of the Follow-Up Electric System  similar to the hydraulic, and by working with established partners, we have developed the Full Follow-Up system that has made us known in the field of onboard automation, providing interface systems for Dynamic Positions on service vessels to the oil rigs.


Tactile Feedback

2007 our technical office develops what is for us is the “flagship” where we are the first to have developed a special steering system  for Sailor Yachts, called “Tactile Feedback”, tried and tested on our test benches with partners of proven ability and with a certain curiosity to have them at our side as pioneers, the system allows the manouevring of a large sailing ship with the feel of the rudder on the steering wheel, the helmsman is no longer a commander of  a Motor Yacht but a Skipper that sets the sails and route depending on the relative force that he feels with his arms, the force is adjustable and suits the needs of the Skipper.



2012 the Marsili Aldo & C. S.r.l. already established in marine, ships, passenger boats, work boats and military sectors and more specifically, to transport vessels up to lengths of 100-120 meters, acquired in 2012, the historic brand SEIPEM (company active for more than 40 years in the marine industry) allowing the expansion of the range of products offered.

The production of the SEIPEM flaps and cylinders are manufactured in the Civitanova Marche factory using stainless steel materials and Peraluman.

To confirm the high degree of internationalization achieved by MARSILI, in 2012 the company became a certified company for the internal production by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping to be added to that already obtained in 2011 from the Russian River Register.
The various certifications have led to the commissioning of a new test bench for steering up to 20000Kgm.

The operations have given  a boost to the MARSILI company that has managed to combine system reliability and product innovation to meet the new global market challenges.

Today the reference list includes some prestigious names, an expression of private and non of  Italian and Foreign naval entrepreneurship.

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