Marsili Aldo begins with two workers, a lathe turner and a welder, the collaboration of a part time drawer, his “Autobianchi Bianchina” for the supply and delivery, which he personally used travelling the entire Adriatic coast, Sicily and some parts of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

His experience as a diesel engine fitter, allows him to create rational installations of his hydraulic cylinders, he also employs a worker for the onboard systems, buys a drill and a sander, in short the first earnings, except for the household expenses are reinvested in the Company.

He stimulates his employees in the study and testing of new products, and encourages them in functional testing, so as to design and build a test bench for simulation.

He personally went on board vessels to check for himself the system and make the appropriate adjustments.

 Now the “ collaboration “  is the motto of the whole company.

mario marsili

Marsili Aldo would continue for a lifetime to test and develop the product until 2009, when his son Mario Marsilitakes over the helm of the Company, who grew up next to his father since 1995, this being part of the reason of the innovation of the products and the continued commitment to the acquisition of a greater slice of the naval market.

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