Product development



As a result of industrialization desired by Marsili Aldo, in the 70’s production was expanded with electro-hydraulic power packs for servo assistance with Autopilots, which allows further penetration into the nautical market therefore entering into the motor yacht market; in 1978 the company participates in the first Genova Boat Show.

In the early 80’s the strengthening of the technical staff to full time brings the need to experiment and build servo assisted systems for boats up to 40 m., the Follow-Up hydraulic steering system is marketed for the first time in Italy.



In 1982 the company is on its way to becoming the industry leader for large yachts and sailor yachts, the steering system pump is equipped with Load sensing to save energy, the absorption of electric motors is in function to the torque needed.

1985 is the year of production of new models, steering systems with differential cylinders, powerful and lighter for the same displacement, reliable and easy in their installation, the MARSILI Aldo company continues with the rationalization and innovation of the product, the market also opens to Tug boats, Cargo Vessels and Medium sized Passenger Vessels.



1989 is an important year for Marsili, all the “Know How” developed in many “Follow-Up” hydraulic steering systems is used for the development of a similar Electric system, more streamlined and practical for yard installers.

1990 is the year of crisis and is tackled by Marsili Aldo with the completion of the Starter Box, but specially in the search for foreign markets, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, countries that already know the quality of the product, and the North of France and Venezuela, all countries where fishing is still a market.



1992 is the market for Sailor Yachts, and allows the marketing of rudder bearing supports, which allows the combination of the steering gear in a single base, as was done with bronze bush supports for the  smaller cylinders. Marsili Aldo visit the METS and returns with the idea of a new production and the improvement of the existing one.

1995 the Marsili company starts with the new production for the nautical market, never neglected, the new range sees hydraulic cylinders made of brass with chrome-plated steel rods, space saving helm pumps and  versatile accessories for mounting  and a new range is designed to control outboard engines.

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