The Warranty shall be valid for a period of 24 (twenty four) months from the date of delivery of Products (Ex Works) to Customer.

The Warranty does not cover malfunction of the products caused by: improper storage; tampering; improper installation; inaccurate application of the instructions provided by the Operations Manual; improper maintenance or maintenance carried by unauthorised personnel; improper and incorrect use

In case of faults/defects on the products supplied, the Customer shall return faulty products to Supplier for all appropriate checks (must be authorised in advance by Supplier). In case of Product faults/defects that the Supplier ascertains attributable to its own responsibility, the Supplier will: Replace the Products in full at its expense or Repair the Products at its expense.

Transport costs for repaired or replaced products is at the Customers expense.

All expenses of our personnel for travelling allowance, hotel costs and transport of replacement material, is at the Customers expense.

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